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Ideally, getting married to the person you love is a once in a lifetime experience so it is extremely important to look your best on your special day together. As a bride to be, your bridal gown should be well complemented by a suitable bridal makeup for your face. Make sure that you research on wedding makeup tips so you would know what’s best for your facial features. If you plan on doing your makeup on your own, wedding makeup tutorial videos would surely help you a lot.

DIY Wedding Makeup

Here is a quick guide for a wedding makeup step by step. It is important to follow these basics in doing your makeup.
Apply first a primer for your face and eyes. A good primer could make your makeup last longer. Afterwards, apply a foundation suitable for your skin tone and type. Wedding makeup for dry skin may need a foundation that is oil-based. Also, it is recommended that your foundation doesn’t have an SPF since they tend to whiten your face in pictures. In weddings, a natural look is often preferred. Next, apply concealer in your dark spots such as under the eyes and on your blemishes.
Do not overdo your blush on. For a natural look, cream blushers are better to use than powder blushers. Wedding makeup for oily skin may require a different approach. Silicone based waterproof liquid cheek stains are recommended. Afterwards, contour your cheek bones using a bronzer.
Define your brows by using a combination of eyebrow pencils, brow gels and waxes, and brow powder.
Remember to keep your makeup smudge proof as it is very likely for you to shed tears during your wedding day. There are waterproof eyeliners, eyeshadow primers, and eyeshadow bases out there. Do not forget to use waterproof mascara as well. Keep your eyeshadow colors simple and neutral.
Choose a shade which complements your blush on. Choose long lasting lipsticks that won’t make your lips dry. Have a handy lip gloss in case.

Managing Your Skin

A good makeup would only look good in a healthy skin. To ensure that you would be at your best appearance, it may require extra attention not only on the day itself but also before your wedding day.
Before the Wedding Day
Prepare your skin about a week before the wedding by making sure you dissolve all your dead cells. Use a combination of a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer to do this. Also, keep your lips healthy by applying lip balm every day and before going to sleep.
During the Wedding Day
Prepare for your touch-ups throughout the entire day. Get rid of oily t-zones by patting it with powder. To tidy up small smudges in your eye area, prepare some cotton buds with you. Aside from keeping a lip gloss with you, also bring a lipstick so you could retouch after all the kissing and eating.
They say that a wedding is the most important transition in a woman’s life. Therefore, it is only necessary that a bride would look great in such milestone of her life. Follow these tips and make your groom fall in love with you even more.

wedding makeup step by step

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