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Women often look for ways to make hair grow faster, whether it be through hair growth products or hair growth treatment. The danger of resorting to the former is the possible allergic reactions that the products can trigger. Although those products have gone through tests to ensure safety of the chemicals, everyone’s skin reacts differently to the ingredients. Finding natural alternatives is always the safer solution. So, whenever you think of growing out your hair, try opting for the natural remedy instead.

Faster Hair Grow – Closer Look into Home Remedies vs. Natural Products

Because of all the chemicals hair products contain, they are already deemed the harmful method for hair growth, compared to home remedies. Though they may make hair grow faster, shampoos and conditioners tend to dry out your hair as it removes all the oils that come from your scalp. Those natural oils are actually good for hair care, but the issue lies with the smell and the oily look of unwashed hair. However, increased use of shampoo and conditioner leads to more buildup between washes. While your hair might be growing a couple inches faster because of the treatment, it is not exactly doing wonders for your overall hair health.

Faster Hair Grow – Easy Home Remedies

So, how to make hair grow faster without the use of chemically-riddled products, you might ask? Here are some of the easiest ways to do so:
• Go for a trim every six to eight weeks. Trimming might seem like it runs counter to your goal to make hair grow faster, but it’s important that your hair is also healthy. Not getting rid of the ends will cause breakage, and in the future, it’ll be more difficult for you to grow out your locks. No need to go crazy with each trim though, as you only need ¼ inch snipped off every time.
• Use egg whites on your hair. They’re mainly known to add shine to your hair, but they can also make your hair grow faster since they have healing properties that restore hair shine and replenish hair. Again, it’s not just about having long hair; it’s also about having healthy hair too.
• Hair strength depends on the amount of water you drink, and the stronger your hair is, the faster it will grow. Eight cups of water per day works as a great hair growth booster.
• Overall health affects hair growth as well. Protein-rich diets tend to strengthen and lengthen, so stay away from junk food and try to eat as healthy as possible.
• Potato water is rich in vitamins such as A, B, and C, all of which are needed to maintain optimum hair care and growth. For longer and thicker locks, consider rinsing your hair with potato water after your wash.
• Not only do essential oils contain therapeutic effects, but they also work great as hair growth boosters. A recommended recipe includes: three drops of rosemary oil, three drops of lavender, two drops of thyme, two drops of cedar wood, and a bit of jojoba oil.

Make Hair Grow Faster: Natural Remedies for Hair Growth


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