Jun 122015

Frugal in the use of water is one thing that should be noted to prevent a water crisis. But in carrying out daily activities, sometimes you don’t realize that much of the water you are using is useless.

For example, in the care of the face, you let the tap water continue to open when washing your face. How to make body care you save water?

1. Don’t be too frequent shampooing
Wash your hair every day proves to make hair greasy more easily. Even if you have colored hair. Limit activities into several days of shampooing once a week. Can also use dry shampoo to conserve water. Continue reading »

Jun 032015

What is the best golden brown hair dye? Get more insight on best brands of golden brown hair dye for light, medium, and dark colors. The post also explores on golden brown hair dye for darker locks. Golden brown, chocolate, honey brown,  or basic brunette — which fits you best? Here, professional tips for finding your best hair colour — including a no-fail strategy for making it stay longer. Continue reading »

Oct 212014

Women often look for ways to make hair grow faster, whether it be through hair growth products or hair growth treatment. The danger of resorting to the former is the possible allergic reactions that the products can trigger. Although those products have gone through tests to ensure safety of the chemicals, everyone’s skin reacts differently to the ingredients. Finding natural alternatives is always the safer solution. So, whenever you think of growing out your hair, try opting for the natural remedy instead. Continue reading »

Oct 202014

About to tie the knot? You can make heads turn with the right choice of updo. Women set to walk down the aisle can choose from a wide array of the most alluring wedding hairstyles.

Some Popular Choices

While some brides may want to exude a look that’s thoroughly modern, others may want a retro or old Hollywood hairstyle. Some females go for a classic bun, while there are those who opt for other simple yet elegant wedding hairstyles. Also popular, especially for destination weddings, is the sideswept style with flowing shoulder-length curls. Continue reading »

Oct 142014

Hair lice infestation is not very funny and enjoyable event in anyone’s life. It is, nonetheless, quite widespread. To be able to remedy it efficiently is one thing but being able to avoid a further lice infestation is another. This article is going to cover both of them. The head louse is a small, wingless parasitic bug that lives among people hairs and feeds on tiny portions of blood sucked from the scalp. Lice are a really widespread issue, especially for young people. They’re contagious, inconvenient, and frequently difficult to get rid of. Continue reading »

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