Nov 192015

Have you ever noticed that you are feeling better when you are around your dog? A dog is undoubtedly a wonderful companion. After a stressful day, dog owners quite undoubtedly feel the love. It is true. Enjoying great time with your pet dog, kitty or other pet might have a positive effect on your mood as well as your health. Domestic pets can be calming stress-fighters. People who own a dog can also earn a lot of psychological advantages, such as lowering sadness, emotional stress, anxiety and depression. When a dog owner looks into a dog’s eyes and pets the dog, the owner will release oxytocin, the love hormone. Besides, that petting a dog could reduce a person’s levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Continue reading »

Jul 132015

It is very important to know and understand the type of skin that is owned. There are three different skin types, i.e., oily skin, dry skin, and a combination of both. Therefore, knowing the type of skin is very necessary to handle a wide range of skin problems that hit your face.

For the owners of oily skin, the skin is very easy to get dirty. As a result, acne and a spate of other skin problems often occur at this type of skin.

1.  The use of cosmetics

Use a lot of make-up will add one more problem of oily skin. The make-up will prevent the oil inside the skin. Use make-up when need be.

 2. Wash your face too often

If you rather have oily skin, you should not wash your face too often because it would further open the pores.

3. Use a cream

Does it depend on the product cream, but using excessive fixed face cream will make the skin more oily. Use the cream for a period of any length will make the skin greasy.

4. Skin care is not required

Happy using blush-on with a brush? Be careful because it can cause skin irritation. So it should be also noted, that the advantages of using the face will make the skin greasy.

5. Wrong Product

You should know the type of skin first before buying a beauty product. For example, if you use a cleaning product for dry skin, it will make the skin more oily. You should use quality skincare products only

 6. Do not clean the face

Within a day, facial skin will be exposed to a variety of dirt and dust are at home though. So, keep a clean face.

7. Greasy food

Consume greasy food will only make the face more oily. The reason is quite easy because in oil content in the body is increased.

8. The menstrual cycle

Hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle will stimulate kelejar of oil. This is the reason why acne strikes during menstrual periods often occur.

9. Stress

When stress symptoms where increases, then this will increase the production of oil from the sebaceous glands.

10. Weather changes

Changing weather from warm to humid or vice versa will make the skin tends to be oily. So, the ‘ skins in any conditions.

Jun 122015

Frugal in the use of water is one thing that should be noted to prevent a water crisis. But in carrying out daily activities, sometimes you don’t realize that much of the water you are using is useless.

For example, in the care of the face, you let the tap water continue to open when washing your face. How to make body care you save water?

1. Don’t be too frequent shampooing
Wash your hair every day proves to make hair greasy more easily. Even if you have colored hair. Limit activities into several days of shampooing once a week. Can also use dry shampoo to conserve water. Continue reading »

Jun 032015

What is the best golden brown hair dye? Get more insight on best brands of golden brown hair dye for light, medium, and dark colors. The post also explores on golden brown hair dye for darker locks. Golden brown, chocolate, honey brown,  or basic brunette — which fits you best? Here, professional tips for finding your best hair colour — including a no-fail strategy for making it stay longer. Continue reading »

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