Jun 122015

Frugal in the use of water is one thing that should be noted to prevent a water crisis. But in carrying out daily activities, sometimes you don’t realize that much of the water you are using is useless.

For example, in the care of the face, you let the tap water continue to open when washing your face. How to make body care you save water?

1. Don’t be too frequent shampooing
Wash your hair every day proves to make hair greasy more easily. Even if you have colored hair. Limit activities into several days of shampooing once a week. Can also use dry shampoo to conserve water.


2. Manicure and pedicure services without water
Some nail salons started offering care manicure and pedicure services without water. It is certainly saving water bergalon-galon in the salon used to pamper visitors.

3. Multitasking

When you want a warm bath, cold water flows at the start of the shower is often wasted. Preferably, the capacity of the water in the bucket, which later can be used for watering the plants.


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